The expectations of customers today are evolving. No matter the need, people want quick and easy access to what they want through digital means. It’s all about the customer experience. With the Vitalyst Operational Excellence Program (VOEP), we ensure customer experience is at the core of service delivery. It’s a principle we’ve built our business on for the past 25 years.

Vitalyst Operational Excellence Program (VOEP)

From the time clients onboard with us through the duration of the partnership, we ensure missteps aren’t made thanks to six key groups, responsible for different facets of service delivery and responsible for continual service improvements.

Through a phased approach involving discovery, knowledge and operational transfer, a transition startup period and an operational stewardship process, we continuously exceed the expectations of our clients. Plus, our ITIL-compliant framework ensures industry-leading best practices are being followed and our staff understands that business and industry knowledge coupled with customer empathy are vital to service delivery.