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Vitalyst Named a Most Promising Microsoft Solution Provider for 2017

Vitalyst: A Vital Catalyst for Client Learning

Many people consider themselves digital natives— and find it difficult to recall a life before the internet. Each day, they march through office doors relying on workplace technology to help them accomplish their day-to-day tasks. Meanwhile, organizations worldwide are scurrying to keep pace with the demands of a digital environment by bringing in new cloud-based, collaborative technology. Often in this race to be technically and digitally savvy, companies find themselves stacking their IT infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions—but with little regard for the people who need to use them. Vitalyst is recognized as a key contributor to workplace digital transformation by providing learning solutions enabling clients to learn, master, and transform. We drive digital adoption, empowering employees to become advanced users of technology for peak performance, and creating a contemporary workforce that spurs collaboration, innovation, and company growth.

CIO review designationAs Microsoft’s Digital Adoption Partner, the company follows a unique proprietary methodology—relying on data to reveal gaps in tech skills, mapping out key organizational milestones, and formulating a plan of action underpinned by adoption change management principles. Vitalyst helps clients get to a basic level of adoption and empowers them to move through the proficiency skill path with a custom immersive learning program, laying the foundation for digital growth. “Our rich experience, helping thousands of businesses with their digital transformation, enables us to compile adoption and performance data which facilitates the development of effective adoption programs for customers beginning their journey,” says Barry O’ Donnell, CEO and President, Vitalyst.

With a key focus on Microsoft 365, encompassing Office 365, Windows 10 and enterprise mobility, and security services, Vitalyst also supports collaboration tools like SharePoint, Teams, Skype for Business and OneDrive. To help business users leverage the full capability of Microsoft solutions, the company offers software coaching services includinglive how-to support, online mentoring, expert floor coaches, and client outreach programs. When delivering educational services, Vitalyst first analyzes a client’s culture then customizes a solution with services ranging from onsite training and e-learning to self-help options. “Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to stay current with new technology releases and proactively enrich our solutions and services to meet current and future market needs,” remarks O’Donnell.

Our rich experience spanning over two decades enables us to compile adoption and performance data based on the multitude of successfully completed software deployments

To ensure customers are capitalizing on their Microsoft 365 deployment, Vitalyst offers reporting and analytics services where data discovery and actionable insights identify gaps in migration, adoption and technical skills. Vitalyst rounds out its services stack with professional support to help business users understand the benefits of technology change through communications services and effectively orchestrate the migration with a deployment architect.

Recently, a Fortune 500 company delayed their Office 365 deployment due to a lack of project awareness and inadequate training resources—costing them millions. Vitalyst stepped in to help by combining cultural analysis with performance data, along with best-of-breed resourcing advice on post-deployment strategy. Vitalyst provided a solution that included communications, migration scheduling services, and 24×7, live on-demand training support. “We helped the client realize the critical need for training and support to assure a successful digital migration. As a result of our partnership, they completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget,” states O’Donnell. Vitalyst is now handling additional projects related to human capital management (HCM) and data security.

Vitalyst ensures an exceptional customer experience is delivered through its operational excellence program and a holistic approach to meeting the technology learning needs of a multi-generational workforce—earning the company a high net promoter score every year (+87 in an industry averaging +62). “We understand that Microsoft 365 plays a frontline role in intelligent applications and has the power to change the way people work. Keeping that in mind, we’ll continue to develop relevant training and adoption solutions to meet new market needs and help clients learn, master, and transform digitally,” says O’Donnell.

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