Vitalyst Launches New Productivity Multiplier Model

BALA CYNWYD, Pa. – October 20, 2015 – Vitalyst, the leading provider of employee software coaching and information technology services, today announced the release of its new Vitalyst Productivity Multiplier Model, a proprietary model that employs a collaborative approach to help enterprises identify, measure and leverage the four vital value drivers of workplace productivity through technology use.

“Computer technology is the most fundamental aspect of everyday business,” said Nick Wilkinson, CEO of Vitalyst. “Yet, multiple studies indicate that while computing power and our investment in technology is increasing, end-user productivity is falling dramatically behind. Using our Vitalyst Productivity Multiplier Model, we show companies how they can fill the gap between individual technology proficiency and enterprise innovation. We work side by side with IT leaders as employee software coaches to advance corporate productivity throughout the company’s entire value chain.”

Experts at Vitalyst have established four stages of enterprise technology adoption that help improve workers’ awareness, access and mastery of computer applications and skills—Awareness and Usage, Problem Solving, Skill Building, and Technology Innovation. Based on decades of productivity research, the Vitalyst Productivity Multiplier Model™ helps companies, IT leaders and end-users increase total productivity at each step of the model through individual proficiency combined with increases in overall enterprise productivity. The model can be customized and tailored by industry and company to maximize productivity results.

When fully integrated as part of a corporate commitment, the following drivers can boost individual proficiency with the technologies used daily. They lead to enterprise-wide productivity improvements, increasing the value of existing, new or migrating technologies.

  • Awareness and Usage Workers only use a small fraction of the technology available to them, relying on basic-level approaches that fail to keep pace with new solutions and efficiencies. Even the smallest efforts to track, monitor and improve usage delivers powerful increases in worker and enterprise productivity.
  • Problem Solving Problems or frustrations with applications create productivity gaps, and worse, create disruptions and aversion to adoption of new approaches. By addressing and resolving problems in the moment in a way that’s customized to personal learning styles, disruption is minimized, efficiency is increased and worker engagement is maximized.
  • Skill Building Most businesses fail to recognize that, as computing power increases, employee skills must be continuously developed. Companies will often introduce a one-time technology or application rollout without sufficient training back-ups or skill-building seminars. By creating a systematized skill-building approach that balances worker proficiency with business goals, end-user productivity keeps pace with technology advancements.
  • Technology Innovation Only when worker usage and proficiency meet key thresholds can IT leaders achieve the next level of technology innovation. The cycles of technology innovation and adoption have accelerated, putting more pressure on companies to do more with less, and to do it faster. A clarified view of individual and enterprise productivity creates a more effective framework for driving business forward.“Businesses can no longer afford to rely on siloed drivers of technology or focus strictly on one aspect of productivity improvement such as awareness or problem solving,” said Wilkinson. “The only way to truly see improvements in workplace productivity is to address needs in a holistic way with a tested and proven methodology and a customized approach.”To find out more about the Vitalyst Productivity Multiplier Model™, visit

About Vitalyst
Vitalyst, the leader in employee software coaching and information technology services, provides unmatched application expertise and customer service, helping clients maximize return on investment by increasing employee proficiency and enterprise-wide productivity. Clients rely on Vitalyst for insightful and practical solutions about hundreds of applications, smooth migrations, Managed Help Desk Services and in-person and web-based training programs—earning the company status as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Headquartered just outside Philadelphia, Vitalyst also has an office in Cleveland, Ohio. For more information, please visit

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