Vitalyst Announces New Service Offerings: Expands Digital Adoption Solution for Microsoft Teams

 Vitalyst, a Microsoft Gold partner and global provider of client learning and change enablement services, announced the expansion of their Digital Adoption Solutions for Microsoft Teams, adding two new service offerings: V.A.I. (Vitalyst Adoption Intelligence); and the new Customer Engagement Program for Teams.  
“As the leading provider of change enablement and adoption services for Microsoft 365, we are continuing to evolve our solutions to integrate the latest technology and optimize service delivery to achieve the highest levels of end-user engagement and support,” said Barry O’Donnell, President and CEO of Vitalyst. “These new services allow us to further accelerate customers’ adoption and productive use of Microsoft Teams.” 

Powered by Microsoft Azure and deployed in Microsoft Teams, Vitalyst Adoption Intelligence or V.A.I. is: 

  • Quick and easy to deploy – available for download via the Teams App Store 
  • A central hub through which users can consume Vitalyst’s Digital Adoption Solutions in six different modalities 
  • Data-driven – using real-time data analytics to allow more impactful engagement with users 
  • Interactive and engaging – driving deeper user adoption, at scale, across all targeted Microsoft 365 workloads 

“V.A.I. is the next evolution of data-driven adoption services,” said O’Donnell. “Leveraging user engagement data, V.A.I. allows us to help organizations better understand adoption and usage levels across user segments and adjust their adoption program to more effectively connect users with the right resources, at the right time, to meet their specific needs.” 

Powered by V.A.I., Vitalyst’s Employee Engagement Program for Microsoft Teams uses adoption intelligence analytics to deliver targeted engagement and communication with end-users, directly within Teams, enabling them to proactively drive activation, adoption and usage or Microsoft Teams. The Employee Engagement Program for Microsoft Teams: 

  • Drives awareness and engagement before, during and after Teams deployment, ensuring that user adoption keeps pace with continuous Teams updates  
  • Identifies areas for more or improved communications, while helping to uncovers skill gaps and potential training needs  
  • Delivers training to less engaged learners or those new to Teams  
  • Detects potential technical migration issues 

“For our customers, communication is a critical part of deploying new technology and driving change. Ensuring that each individual employee is aware when new tools are made available and knows how and where they can get access to training and support resources, reduces adoption risk, while accelerating productive use,” said O’Donnell. 
In Microsoft’s Fiscal Year 2019, Vitalyst was ranked number one, among Microsoft’s U.S. NSI (National System Integrator) group, in driving activation and usage of Microsoft Teams and number one, among Managed Gold Partners within Microsoft’s U.S. NSI group, in driving customer activation and usage of Office 365 workloads. 

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