The Knowledge-ABLE Workforce

Cultivating an Empowered Culture Through Learning and Self Help

Technology has enabled employees to perform workplace tasks and collaborate with others in ways most never thought possible. Yet, because of technology’s advancements, the demands placed on these workers are at levels
never before seen.

Surely, many of today’s employees can look at their own inboxes and attest to this, but the average business user is managing an astounding 160-plus critical emails and interacting with dozens of apps, resources and programs across a myriad of devices on any given day. More and more, workers are given smartphones as a necessary part of their daily routine, meaning employees must be reachable and able to respond to emails, conduct a teleconference, troubleshoot a problem, or create a sales presentation at any time and any place.

As a result, today’s employees are overwhelmed, overworked and overdemanded. From email pop-ups to message icons to project management software, distractions are a constant, and the ability to hunker down and do actual “work” becomes a job in and of itself. In fact, employees get interrupted as often as every five minutes, usually by the very work applications and collaboration tools that are designed to make them more efficient.


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