The way people collaborate and work has changed quite a bit. Remote workers. Offsite meetings. Multiple devices and platforms. Rapid iteration. Multiple communication channels. A dozen ways to share files and information. Security and compliance concerns.

As the hub for collaboration within Office 365, Microsoft Teams enables organizations to adapt to these changes, bringing everything together in one place, with tools that make it easier for users to collaborate. Combining workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments, Teams integrates with the Office 365 productivity suite, including Office and Skype, as well as select non-Microsoft applications. But one of the biggest challenges that keeps organizations from leveraging Teams is that it requires a fundamental change in end-user behavior, since it alters the way people work together.

Our Digital Adoption Solution for Teams is built around the Vitalyst Propel Methodology™, which is dedicated to cultivating employee proficiency and improving organizational mastery. By working with clients to understand their workflows, plan out deployment and develop tailored, dedicated customer support and training programs, Vitalyst ensures that Microsoft Teams empowers collaboration.

Components of our Digital Adoption Solution for Teams

Deployment and Onboarding

Get new employees up-to-speed quickly. Help tenured employees adapt and adopt after major M365 changes.

Change Enablement

A change management framework to enable business leaders to digitally transform their organization.

Learning and Development
We offer comprehensive, educational service options tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs and multi-generational workforce demands. >  MORE DETAILS
Software Coaching

Live support, walkup center, floor coaching, and client outreach programs.



Digital Adoption Solution for Teams

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