For the digital workforce, the way employees are expected to work, and the technology they leverage, are in a constant state of innovation and change. When you couple that with an increased focus on collaboration across diverse, mobile and distributed teams using multiple devices, and increased cyber security threats, the need to understand how to leverage technology and adapt to these changes becomes more imperative now, than ever.  

Our Digital Adoption Solution for Microsoft 365 is built around the Vitalyst Propel Methodology™. It is dedicated to cultivating employee proficiency and improving organizational mastery of a “best in class” offering that brings Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security into a single, unified and intelligent solution.

By working with clients to develop tailored, dedicated customer support and training programs, Vitalyst  ensures that Microsoft 365 empowers collaboration and innovation.

Components of our Microsoft 365 Solution

Software Coaching Services
Vitalyst takes a human-centric approach to technology deployments. We offer a key differentiator—live, on-demand how-to support to answer questions regarding Microsoft 365. Whether it’s fielding questions on productivity workloads within Office 365, multi-factor authentication (MFA), or Windows 10, Vitalyst gets employees back to their daily tasks.

Learning & Development
When it comes to software deployments there are two stages of learning a company must undergo—a basic level of adoption and understanding of the technology, followed by the proficient and advanced use of it. Vitalyst offers a variety of educational services, including guides on MFA installation, self-guided learning via our Hub’s SkillBuilder feature and more, appealing to multi-generational learning styles.

Reporting & Analytics Services
The ability to leverage data to make informed decisions is a must-have for companies looking to outpace competitors. With our reporting and analytics services, we will ensure employees understand where to go for data and how to access it on advanced applications like Power BI. Plus, leveraging our self-help platform, Vitalyst can identify adoption trends within the Microsoft 365 stack and recommend action plans to increase business user productivity and consumption of these applications.

Professional Support Services
We have built a business by understanding the business user and connecting the dots between desired processes, outcomes and adoption. A Communications Champion will work with your team to develop a customized communication plan and deliver the assets needed to manage change.


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