In today’s changing business environment, brand loyalty and customer experience have become critical to retention and growth of customers. So, it’s important that businesses provide personalized and contextual experiences from the time they are marketed to through the delivery of the service or product being provided.

Dynamics 365 breaks down departmental silos by bringing CRM and ERP under one view, enabling business users to rely on data and intelligence to help capture new business opportunities. But, one of the biggest challenges keeping companies from leveraging Dynamics is lack of knowledge around how it should be used, plus the lack of training and support for a customized application.

Our Digital Adoption Solution for Dynamics 365 is built around the Vitalyst Propel Methodology™, which is dedicated to cultivating employee proficiency and improving organizational mastery.

Components of our Dynamics 365 Solution

Software Coaching Services
Vitalyst takes a human-centric approach to technology deployments. We offer a key differentiator—live, on-demand support—in a variety of options, all aimed at providing employees the best possible experience with technology. The bottom line benefit? Increased adoption among your employees. >  MORE DETAILS
Learning & Development

When it comes to software deployments there are two stages of learning a company must undergo—a basic level of adoption and understanding of the technology, followed by the proficient and advanced use of it. Vitalyst offers a variety of educational services, appealing to varied multi-generational learning styles, that enable employees to understand how to make technology work in their favor.



Reporting & Analytics Services

Data is powerful—if you know where to get it and can determine what to do with the info collected. With our Dashboards in a Day, we will ensure you’re setting up the reports to drive data-driven outcomes.


Professional Support Services

We have built a business by understanding the business user and connecting the dots between desired processes, outcomes and adoption. An instructional designer works with your team to develop a learning solution where every curriculum is tailored to align with the goals and objectives of the business.


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Key Market Segments

Asset 1

Dynamics 365 for Sales Engagement

Turn relationships into revenue by identifying prospects and customers with the most potential to close, then making informed decisions to close more deals
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Dynamics 365 for Marketing and Sales Alignment

Create powerful customer relationships and generate more qualified leads and opportunities for your sales team by connecting on a personal level through tailored customer interactions across any device and platform
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Dynamics 365 for the Ultimate Customer Experience

Master the art of service delivery by managing financials, sales, service and operations in one place and create a personal experience with access to a holistic view of the customer and their needs