Digital initiatives—they are part of every business leader’s strategy. With the increased dependence and expectation of today’s world on digital technologies, it’s critical that businesses focus on digital adoption. After all, technology should enable your employees to do more, not less.

Our Digital Adoption Solution is built around a proprietary methodology dedicated to cultivating employee proficiency and improving organizational mastery of technology. This transformation to a digital workplace leads to dramatic business growth. If you are looking to deploy cloud technology such as Office 365 or Windows 10, or moving from Lotus Notes to Outlook, boost productivity levels, and assure project success by driving increased user adoption.

Components of our Digital Adoption Solution

Software Coaching Services

Vitalyst takes a human-centric approach to technology deployments. We offer a key differentiator—live, on-demand support—in a variety of options, all aimed at providing employees the best possible experience with technology. The bottom line benefit? Increased adoption among your employees.


Learning & Development Services
When it comes to software deployments there are two stages of learning a company must undergo—a basic level of adoption and understanding of the technology, followed by the proficient and advanced use of it. Vitalyst offers a variety of educational services, appealing to varied multi-generational learning styles, that enable employees to understand how to make technology work in their favor. >  MORE DETAILS
Reporting & Analytics Services

Data is powerful—if you know where to get it and can determine what to do with the info collected. Vitalyst offers reporting and analytics services aimed at collecting data from diagnostic tools to design a custom immersive learning program and an effective analytical approach.


Professional Support Services

For organizations to become more adaptive and innovative using technology, culture change is often a challenging part of the transformation journey. After all, innovation demands new behaviors from employees that often oppose change. Our professional support services make change possible.


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