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Personalized technology support combined with scalable learning and development services guides every employee on their journey of Digital Transformation. We partner with our customers to ensure that digital investments deliver the expected results of innovation, collaboration, productivity and engagement—all fostered by a culture of change.

Actionable Change

Vitalyst provides Change Management, Learning & Development and Software Coaching services for more than 350 business applications. Our services can be combined into custom solutions tailored to your needs to empower employees, maximize productivity and drive digital adoption.

Digital Transformation
is Human Transformation

Digital Adoption Solution

Our Digital Adoption Solution is comprised of end-to-end services, helping businesses lay the foundation for change through a comprehensive solution tailor-made to increase employee adoption and proficiency with technology.

Learning & Development Solution

Our Learning & Development Solution combines traditional on-site classroom and virtual instructor-led training with a wide array of on-demand software coaching services to ensure employees are learning, retaining, and using the knowledge to transform their tech experience.


Empower employee creativity and collaboration.

Office 365 provides the capabilities for employees to create, edit and share from anywhere to anyone in real time. But most companies haven’t unleashed the power and promise of Office 365. Employees revert to what they’re used to—leaving them ill-equipped to take advantage of new tools to collaborate and innovate. Companies need to invest in user adoption processes to enable employees for the future of work.

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Enable the power and possibility of teams to solve big business challenges.

Microsoft Teams was developed because of the tremendous change in how people and teams work. Teams is an open, digital environment that makes work visible, integrated and accessible to all employees. The challenge arises when some team members aren’t as prepared to engage with the technology as others—limiting collaboration and productivity. Understanding how to leverage technology and adapt to the new ways of work is more important now, than ever.

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A common place to find information, share documents and work together. The SharePoint platform connects islands of activity into an integrated website environment. It organizes a massive amount of content in a way that is easy to search, edit, share, and make decisions. SharePoint is flexible and scalable to build 100 different content websites to solve 100 different problems for 10,000 different employees. This is the opportunity and challenge of SharePoint. Without training and support, the platform will not achieve its ultimate objective of collaboration and sharing—it will get in the way of it.

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Seizing the moment to share, meet, collaborate, and innovate.

Skype for Business integrates seamlessly with Office 365 to facilitate knowledge sharing and team collaboration. Scheduling a meeting in Outlook, creating a presentation in PowerPoint and collaborating with a global team of customers, partners and employees in Skype for Business is now possible within a moment’s notice.  With user adoption services and support, employees can take full advantage of all Skype has to offer, and create experiences that are more efficient and productive than in-person meetings. 

Break down barriers to information and enable data-driven decision making.


Dynamics 365 breaks down departmental silos by bringing CRM and ERP under one view, enabling business users to rely on data and intelligence to help capture new business opportunities. But, one of the biggest challenges keeping companies from leveraging Dynamics is lack of knowledge around how it should be used, plus the lack of training and support for a customized application.

Digital communication and collaboration to make the world smaller and more connected.


Adobe Connect is an advanced communication and collaboration tool to reach and engage customers, partners and employees with rich content—including live training sessions, videos and presentations. Adobe Connect makes it possible to conduct high touch activities, with global stakeholders, more often by reducing travel cost and time constraints. While requiring no installation, Adobe Connect has complexities in developing branded landed pages, in setting up classrooms, and engaging meeting participants. Users will need training and support to gain the most from this powerful collaboration and communication tool.

Collect, organize and present data for employees to make decisions and impact customers.


Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform with cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing, and more. It allows organizations to collect, organize and access data, enabling your team to act on the right information.  Customer value continues to shift from products and price to knowledge and experiences. Salesforce has opened the door to a new era of customer experience. Employee training and development is needed to increase user adoption, employee enablement and harness the power of Salesforce data, insights and reporting.

The tools and technology to develop and manage a flexible, adaptable and effective human capital strategy.


Workday provides the tools and technology to develop and manage a flexible, adaptable and effective human capital strategy. Workday provides complete visibility for resource planning across a global workforce. But the system is only as good as the data residing within it. Quality data comes from quality employee input. Employees must be equipped to change personal information, manage time, modify benefits, and access reports. That requires custom training and support to help employees adopt and learn how to effectively use the software.