Digital Adoption Solutions for SharePoint

Get the most out of your SHAREPOINT investment

The SharePoint platform connects islands of activity into an integrated website environment. It organizes a massive amount of content in a way that is easy to search, edit, share, and make decisions. SharePoint is flexible and scalable to build 100 different content websites to solve 100 different problems for 10,000 different employees.

This is the opportunity and challenge of SharePoint. Without training and support, the platform will not achieve its ultimate objective of collaboration and sharing—it will get in the way of it. Employees need to know not only how to navigate SharePoint, but how to successfully create, design, and build content their colleagues can access and understand.

Our Digital Adoption Solution provides end-to-end services to increase employee adoption and proficiency with technology. Through Change Enablement, Learning & Development and Software Coaching services we deliver a comprehensive solution tailor-made to fit your organization’s needs.

Leveraging our PROPEL Methodology, underpinned by Prosci’s ADKAR model, our services are combined into custom digital adoption solutions tailored to invoke change, empower employees, maximize productivity and drive usage of SharePoint.

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