The Help Me kNow Hub™ is a one-stop microlearning web resource that provides employees access to a knowledgebase of information when they need it.

Components of the Hub

Integrated Access for Live, How-to Support

Employees can reach our on-demand advisors for questions regarding how to use technology in a number of ways, including:

  • Request a telephone call – allows users to provide the best time and number for a call back from a Vitalyst on-demand advisor
  • Contact Vitalyst by phone/computer – starts a voice call to Vitalyst using the speaker and microphone (or a connected device) of the end-user
  • Initiate a chat session – opens a chat session with Vitalyst within the end-user’s web browser
  • Submit a question –  allows the end-user to use an email form to submit a description of their question and request a call back at a later time

No matter the contact method selected, employees are provided with solutions to leverage the full capabilities of the technology tools you’ve given them. Whether it’s figuring out how to insert a pivot table or editing within SharePoint, employees get on-demand, 24x7 application support.


The Hub provides access to a video library containing more than 100,000 videos on numerous software application topics. Videos come in multiple forms, including short tutorials as well as longer, prerecorded training content. Whether employees need help with Outlook, Salesforce, Excel, or other applications, they can search by topic and by function to get help when they need it. Plus, 50,000 videos are available in foreign languages. The videos are continually updated to address changes in software releases.


Employees will have access to self-help tips for key business applications. The tips are text-based, step-by-step guides explaining how a specific task is performed within an application. Tips can be searched a number of ways, including by application name, specific function or version.

Instructor-Led Training Classes

Access to training led by Vitalyst advisors—the same people who provide support via phone, chat, or email is available to business users. An upcoming events calendar provides detailed information about the classes being offered, as well as the option to sign up for a class directly through the Hub.

Skill Builder

A final component of the Hub includes digital learning via Skill Builder. Incorporating microlearning design principles, Skill Builder allows business leaders to deliver learning content to employees in small, specific modules. With Skill Builder, business leaders can quickly create goal-oriented learning paths—called Skill Tracks—with links to videos within the Hub, or by adding pre-existing content into the learning paths. HR, L&D and IT leaders can assess, track and assign Skill Tracks at an organizational level or by employee segments, while LOB leaders can do so at the departmental level. This enables leaders to leverage Skill Builder to meet business objectives, while giving employees the flexibility to complete courses on their schedule, track their progress, and be awarded with the completion of each skill track.