Performance support is a cost-effective way to ensure end-users perform at the expected level—from day one—with no or minimal formal training. But how?

Vitalyst, in partnership with Kryon Systems, offers Leo Performance Support—an enterprise software platform designed for performance. By guiding users through the end-to-end business process like a GPS or automatically executing tasks like a robot, Leo navigates users through any business application and completes tasks quickly and error-free in real time.

Key Benefits

Productivity improvement

Leo aims to reduce the time needed to complete a task without compromising quality or key performance indicators. By using the system, end-users will be able to decrease the average time handling a task. So whether insurance agents process more claims or customer service representatives take more calls, businesses can be more productive.

Performance quality

By minimizing the number of errors per task, end-users can dramatically reduce the overall number of mistakes being made daily. Mistakes occur because the user is new, the process is infrequent ,or the application is complex. With Leo, organizations can increase performance quality, raising the bar to make costly end-user errors the exception, not the norm.

Adherence to policies and procedures

Often times, business users unknowingly deviate from corporate guidelines, policies and procedures because they are unaware or because the task is new and complex. Regardless, Leo enforces user adherence by eliminating the number of deviations from corporate guidelines through their daily tasks.

Minimize time to proficiency

During migrations, effective end-user adoption is the best predictor of deployment success. Leo’s step-by-step, comprehensive support enables first-time success and ongoing support until the user acquires the required skill. This reduces the time to achieve proficiency with the new application and achieves adoption success.

Improve training effectiveness and reduce training time

Leo teaches end-users through procedural practice. Since the software acts as a GPS that guides end-users through the process, or if preferred, performs the task for them, it allows them to learn in practice.

As a result this has proven to shorten training by 50% while retaining or enhancing the training effectiveness.

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