Companies and government agencies rely on CRM software—such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and others—to maximize business relationships with current and prospective clients. CRM is highly customizable and its features and tools allow companies to optimize business intelligence, social insights, campaign management and more.

Vitalyst understands the importance of CRM software for sales departments, marketing teams and account managers. We recognize that proactively managing sales opportunities and forecasting, setting up campaign automation and tracking processes, and monitoring client data will help your company be more productive. The challenge, however, lies in how to utilize the full capabilities of CRM software to achieve these tasks.

That’s where Vitalyst comes into play. Our Productivity Consultants provide solutions to basic support questions like creating reports to more advanced tasks, such as customizing business processes. Additionally, Vitalyst offers 30-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions—prescheduled to fit client’s individual needs.

What we deliver How your organization benefits
Expert-level knowledge on Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other CRM systems Receive quick resolution to software issues and proactive advice
Assistance for immediate, high-impact issues such as application interface, business processes and campaigns Reduce downtime, increase ROI through use of extended CRM features
On-demand, individualized support for mobile use, integration to email systems (such as Outlook) and records management Improve the consistency of core functionality usage
Customized training and support for extended features Champion company-wide adoption of CRM best practices