Did you know that 1 in 3 workers say they’re not proficient with the technology tools they rely on to do their jobs? Studies support this fact, indicating that workers use a small fraction of the technology available to them, relying on basic-level approaches that fail to keep pace with new solutions and efficiencies. This lag in proficiency costs businesses nearly $20,000 per employee in lost productivity, leaving business leaders with the immediate need to rectify the situation.*

Due to the pace of change in tech, Vitalyst offers a customer-centric approach to improving adoption and proficient use of software via a variety of support services in-person and on-demand.

*Source: Fernandez, Jeff, “How the ‘Digital Skills Gap’ Bleeds $1.3 Trillion a Year From US Businesses,” Entrepreneur.

Components of our Software Coaching Services

Live, How-to Support


Vitalyst provides live, how-to phone support 24x7, giving employees answers to questions on over 180 applications the moment it’s needed.

Live, Technical Support

Many service desks are not in a position to handle the high impact or high volume of calls when something is not working the way it was intended. Our Managed Help Desk service provides live, technical support, on-demand.


Walkup Center

IT walk-up centers allow for on-demand, in-person and high-touch interactions that a diverse workforce and an ever-evolving tech landscape demands. Our Productivity Optimization Desk™ (POD™) and the experts staffing it enable you to deliver a unique employee experience.


Floor Coaches

Providing a white-glove service, our floor coaches extend Vitalyst’s subject matter expertise beyond the service desk and into the office or cubicle for personalized learning.


Client Outreach Program

Taking a proactive approach to support, Vitalyst leverages outbound calling programs pre- and post-migration for a seamless deployment, for increased adoption of tech, to conduct surveys, and more.