For business leaders interested in digital transformation, data is a necessary part of the journey. The ability to collect and process more data than ever before is one of the major benefits of digital growth. Analyzing data can bring you groundbreaking insights from the ever-increasing volume of information you collect on your customers and your business. By analyzing data patterns, conclusions can be drawn and better insights gained, ultimately leading to better business decision making, both internally and externally. Vitalyst offers a diverse range of reporting and analytics services to help identify migration-related challenges or gaps in tech skills development stemming from lack of adoption and proficient use.

Components of our Reporting and Analytics Service

Technical Analyst

Continuous communication with a dedicated technical analyst serves as a key safeguard for your organization because adoption issues are identified and talked about—allowing you and your team to adjust the plan, as needed.


Data Discovery & Adoption (Powered by 4Ward)

Once Office 365 has been deployed, you can ensure your employees are taking full advantage of it and capitalizing on new opportunities with this reporting tool.