E-learning improves efficiency and effectiveness by minimizing cost, eliminating geography constraints and providing employees with a choice as to when, where and how to engage in the learning process. Vitalyst works with you and your subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop a strategy for delivering the best learning experience.

We not only custom create content for e-learning courses relevant to your organization, but also deliver courses to employees through our learning management system (LMS) or your own. We can also create learning videos customized to fit your needs. All of these courses meet SCORM and ADA requirements for both the private and public sectors.

The Benefits to Our E-learning Program


With courses available 24/7, employees can take classes at their convenience no matter where they are located. By allowing employees to complete the course around their availability, you can minimize disruptions to the workday.


Vitalyst works to tailor and develop course content and videos based on your company’s goals. We create training collateral on a variety of topics ranging from software to leadership to onboarding best practices, and can provide as many classes as needed.


Experienced, trusted SMEs develop and deliver your course content as well as create videos. When Vitalyst provides e-learning, we provide the same on-demand advisors who offer software coaching by fielding calls and requests for how-to support regarding the technology end-users use.


Vitalyst understands that some businesses have a global reach and training options need to cater to those internationally. We offer the ability to set primary languages based upon an employee’s preferred language.