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keep you up at night.

Eliminate risk, ensure a smooth transition and increase adoption and productivity of your users with the help of Vitalyst.

Migrations are a costly investment for IT leaders and their companies. If not properly executed, it could become a costly error, which is why migrations tend to be a time of high risk and high visibility for IT leaders. In a traditional migration journey, the return on investment may not be realized until long after the migration is complete. Many factors play a role into this, including low awareness that the migration is happening and low retention and adoption of the new service being offered. As a result, business leaders find themselves in a position where they have spent a lot of money to migrate—for example, to Office 365 and Windows 10 or from Lotus Notes to Outlook—but the productivity levels of the enterprise suffer because the user adoption isn’t there.


At Vitalyst, we believe a successful migration journey needs to be seamless from a technical deployment and end-user adoption standpoint. Minimizing business disruption and ensuring employees are able to make the transition to—and grasp the use of—the new technology will mean the difference between success and failure. We have put into place, a full program where the return on investment can be realized much sooner in the migration process. That’s because the combination of our technical migration and end-user adoption services guarantees that business leaders are able to make continuous adjustments to the deployment, get users up to speed quicker and allows time for them to not only learn how to use the new technology, but maximize the use of it.


The Vitalyst Migration Assurance Program is comprised of two components—technical migration services and end-user adoption services. Each element is necessary and integral in ensuring a seamless transition.

Technical Migration Services

Vitalyst’s Technical Migration Service is focused on identifying and addressing issues that arise during system deployments. Leveraging over 20 years of experience, IT leaders can expect to be given all the backing necessary to successfully deploy new software with minimal disruptions to their environment.

How is this achieved?

On-demand support

Vitalyst frees up your IT staff to manage deployment and everyday support calls outside the migration by having on-demand advisors fielding immediate migration questions from end-users. Employing a fully scalable support model, Vitalyst ensures that call flow remains stable and downtime is minimized—even if an unexpected issue triggers a spike in call volume.

Dedicated migration analyst

Continuous communication with a migration analyst serves as a key safeguard for your organization because issues are identified and corrected immediately—allowing IT leaders to adjust the plan, as needed, to ensure a seamless deployment. Through real-time information exchange, continuous feedback cycles, reporting and analytics, as well as coordinated migration messaging, the analyst is solely focused on assuring that a smooth and seamless migration takes place.

End-User Adoption Services

In traditional migration journeys, awareness, retention and use of the new system is introduced too late to the end-user. This results in low adoption and leaves end-users frustrated.

Vitalyst’s End-User Adoption Service is focused on providing users the best possible experience. Our on-demand advisors are available—by phone 24/7 —to help employees get through the initial learning curve of the new application or software by:

  • Understanding the differences between software versions
  • Introducing new capabilities of the application or software
  • Teaching hidden functions, nuances and short-cuts

By showing users how to work better and more efficiently—to work smarter, not harder—provides the best possible migration experience.

Together, these services lead to increased and ongoing productivity while eliminating the risk of a failed project. For more information on how Vitalyst can help you with your next migration, contact Vitalyst today.