The Way People Work is Changing. Our Job is to Help them Embrace it.
Learning and adoption services that empower successful change
Defining the skills needed for tomorrow is difficult when digital disruption is changing so much today. Companies must quickly learn to let go of the past, innovate for the future, and create a culture of change based upon continuous learning. For that, you need the right learning services, delivered at the right pace, tailored to your company.

Digital Transformation is Human Transformation

Digital Transformation is changing how, where and when employees work. Assessing skill gaps, adopting new technologies, integrating learning into the way employees work, and creating a culture of change is the new normal. At Vitalyst, we call the new normal, Human Transformation. Our services are guided by our PROPEL methodology, our proven approach that drives digital adoption, innovation and growth by moving individuals through the five stages of Prosci’s ADKAR model.

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Services to Transform the Way you Work

“I want to create a culture of change where my people have a desire to learn how to leverage technology.”

We take a human-centric approach where user adoption is an integrated work stream that includes continuous learning and change enablement.

Use Vitalyst Data Discovery & Adoption Planning services to:

Clearly define key blockers to change, who will be impacted and identify success factors.

Identify user segments and the related actions and behavior changes needed.

Provide better control and management over license deployment.

Save on costs for technology implementations and increase overall ROI.

The Vitalyst Communications Strategy:

Promises that the vision outlined by executive leadership is effectively communicated throughout the organization.

Enables leaders to answer the question, “what’s in it for me” for the workforce.

Helps to reduce reluctance and fear from technology change from employees.

Ensures that leaders are providing the right amount of information at the right time.

Promotes awareness, excitement, and enthusiasm for new technology rollouts.

Allows leaders to deploy technology on or ahead of time for overall cost savings and ROI.

Deployment Design helps employees and businesses:

Ensure that the scheduling of cross-forest users and shared resources are migrated together.

Minimize the number of calls to Help Desk personnel during a migration.

Ensure the business user experience is minimally impacted and remains like their current experience with the technology.

Change Enablement Analytics helps employees and businesses:

Monitor, identify and correct issues during system deployments.

Manage change intelligently with clarity and analysis of trends, issues, and projections for improving future performance.

Provide real-time, ad-hoc and trend reports through constant information exchange.

Make recommendations for optimizing future technology rollouts.

“I want learning that is flexible, scalable and always available.”

We offer highly customizable, flexible learning and development options to suit your specific employee’s learning styles and business needs.

Instructor-Led Training helps employees and businesses:

Provide high-touch customer experience with specialized training for small groups/teams.

Use work-related scenarios and cases for real-life practice from Vitalyst advisors—the same people who answer a wide range of how-to support calls.

Meet individual and team learning objectives by managing the pace of content delivery and identifying gaps in skills for ongoing support and follow up.

Self-Guided Learning helps employees and businesses:

Solve employee issues and challenges quickly—minimizing downtime and in formats users are accustomed to.

Consume content in small reusable bundles, allowing an organization to repurpose learning elements across multiple employees and learning platforms.

Provide just enough guidance—just in time to have the greatest impact on employees’ learning and development.

Self Help Resources helps employees and businesses:

Save costs by providing access to live support and online resources on one platform.

Ensure employees become more productive with the applications they use daily.

Minimize interruption in employee’s workday with quick on-demand issue resolution.

Supporting your employees wherever and whenever they work:

Training On-Demand Live Support

Solve immediate needs while gaining additional resources to reinforce the learning moment and to continue the path of proficiency.

Ensure in-house IT team focuses on priority technology issues rather than fielding how-to related software questions.

Enhance the perception and satisfaction of the service desk.

On-Site Support

Meet the immediate needs of employees with on-site and on-demand assistance for all technology issues and questions.

Provide clearly visible resources to minimize disruption of your service desk and deliver on-demand support for how-to questions.

Gain consistent access to expertise from Vitalyst advisors—the same people who deliver training and answer calls for support.

Employee Engagement Program

Ensure user adoption keeps pace with continuous software migrations.

Identify areas for more or improved communications.

Uncover skill gaps and potential training needs.

Identify potential technical migration issues

“I want learning that addresses how to manage frequent changes on a continuous basis.”

The Active 365 Continuous Learning Portal

Continually updated portal containing the newest features and enhancements for users to leverage throughout Office 365. Multi-channel deliverables allow your employees to learn how they want at their own pace. 

Users will be provided with a Help Me kNow e-reference guides, as well as a video showcasing how to leverage the featured update for each quarter. 

With each update, an awareness plan that outlines how, when and to whom you need to communicate is provided, along with deliverables, inclusive of digital displays, email newsletter and a poster announcing the top updates your users need to be aware of. 

Leveraging and analyzing a diverse range of reporting and analytics, Vitalyst will help identify challenges or gaps in tech skills development stemming from a lack of adoption and proficient use of these updates. Using this data, we will also provide actionable insights and recommendations for additional learning based on data-driven learning plans.


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