Problems or frustrations with software applications create productivity gaps, and worse, disruptions and aversion to adoption of new approaches. Vitalyst has identified the five most distinct personality types of tech-frustrated employees so that IT leaders can recognize them, understand them, and adjust their approaches accordingly. By offering self-help resources and immediate access to information that is personalized to different consumption and learning styles, Vitalyst is able to help organizations shift-left and reduce support costs. Through our Help Me kNow digital offering, employees are able to quickly access information that answers basic, intermediate and advanced questions via an online web portal. This empowers your employees to seek out information when it’s needed, plus minimizes disruption, increases efficiency, and maximizes worker engagement.

Components of our Self-Help Services

Help Me kNow Hub™

laptop-hub-newThe Help Me kNow Hub™ is a one-stop microlearning web resource that has a video and tips library containing hundreds of thousands of detailed tips for key business applications, as well as access to virtual instructor-led training classes and multiple contact channels to reach our on-demand advisors for enhanced how-to support.

Help Me kNow Guides™

image-250x250-hmkgHelp Me kNow Guides™
are digital reference guides that provide comprehensive instructions on how frequent tasks are performed, useful keyboard shortcuts to help save time, and pointers to help users navigate through an application.

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