Seamless, Fully Integrated IT Support for Global Financial Services Company


Our client is a global financial planning company of more than 15,000 people that helps businesses, institutional investors, and individuals meet financial goals. In 1999, they needed support for employees to learn Microsoft Office suite. Vitalyst was brought on to provide live, how-to support for internal employees to master the software.

Over time, Vitalyst seamlessly integrated into the client’s IT team to train employees, helping them navigate an array of different platforms including WebEx and Office 365 applications such as SharePoint, Word, Excel, and more. As new technologies and updates emerge, employees need to access help in a variety of ways, from simple calls to navigate new software, to on-site trainings and online webinars to help them to get their bearings on new and frequently used software apps.

Even through current challenges, such as switching to services on the cloud, there is a constant need for employee training and troubleshooting support.

Why Vitalyst?

Vitalyst has become integral to the client’s IT efforts.
The Vitalyst team was able to fully integrate into the client’s existing operations as a complementary extension of the in-house IT team; a role that still continues. Vitalyst maintains knowledge of new and existing software programs, doing the heavy lifting to give the client the freedom to focus on the things that only internal resources can provide. With seamless integration and direct, 24/7 support, Vitalyst provides services for all employees trying to master software programs that they use every day.

“Our latest challenge has been services on the cloud, such as Office 365,” says the client’s lead on communications and end-user experience. “Vitalyst has been helpful in providing that support on top of the other programs that they’ve supported in the past. When end users started asking questions about Office 365, we knew we were covered. We didn’t have to do anything differently with Vitalyst. They’re so closely integrated into our team that, at this point, many of our own employees don’t realize Vitalyst isn’t part of our staff. Interactions are completely seamless.”


Over the past 20 years, the client’s employees have given Vitalyst an average satisfaction rating of 94%. End users consistently comment on the effectiveness of the high touch, persona-based training, which extends across basic and complex solutions. Vitalyst has supported over 50 applications for end users (including Microsoft, Adobe, and others), saving users an average of 160 minutes per issue. More than 99% of employees requested to continue receiving Vitalyst’s services.

“ By working with Vitalyst,” the client’s communications and end-user experience lead says, “we were able to save significant time and cost overhead by allowing our in-house teams to focus on internal systems while Vitalyst handled training employees on Office 365 and other software. We’ve never had a negative review on Vitalyst from any of our staff, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them as new features and applications come into our workplace.”

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Seamless, Fully Integrated IT Support for Global Financial Services Company

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