Learning and development in retail

Industry leaders must leverage digital skilling solutions to meet market demands

Though the desire for ecommerce is still increasingonly 3 in 10 retail executives say they have mature digital capabilities able to handle the need for analytics, cloud, networks, and mobility forecasted for this year alone. Retail business leaders need a complete solution to help their organization prepare for the future of modern work, while improving and transforming their employees’ experiences  

Vitalyst’s services, backed by nearly 20 years of research and our vast experience of delivering in unique environments, aid retail agencies to improve employee productivity and succeed during flexible work by:  

To aid our healthcare customers in their goal to empower their employees and give critical time back to patient care, Vitalyst has created these specializations:   

Employee Learning and skilling

Unlimited access to enterprise-class training services.
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Change Enablement

Change Enablement

At Vitalyst, we take a human-centric approach to managing technology change.
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Lifecycle adoption solutions for Microsoft 365

Combine best in class productivity tools with powerful cloud services.
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Employee Experience, teamwork, collaboration projects

Improve workforce management through data analytics.
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Dynamics 365

CRM adoption solutions

Help your organization unify data, get predictive insights, and accelerate your business.
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About Vitalyst

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for the last decade and four-time Microsoft Partner Award winner, Vitalyst has a long history of supporting and advancing Microsoft’s mission. Together with Microsoft, Vitalyst’s learning, development, and training services have helped over 400 enterprises and their employees build the skills for modern work.

To learn more about each of our services, click on the resources below:

Learn the right tools

Take the fear out of employee learning with the right tool

When it comes to the workplace, employees are hesitant to use new technology, as they fear their inexperience will make them appear incompetent.

Accelerating Change and Adoption of the Modern Desktop for a Leading Retail and Consumer Goods Brand

In early 2018, one the world’s leading retail and consumer goods brands shifted its focus to improve its digital business and was looking to migrate to using cloud-based tools to support those initiatives. 

A study on Organizational Resilience from Microsoft Partner Vitalyst

2020 will forever be remembered as a year full of challenges and obstacles for enterprises in every industry. 

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