When it comes to deploying new technology to  employees, there is one key question project teams need to ask themselves—which employees/teams/divisions do I migrate together, and when?

This somewhat seemingly simple task is actually quite complex, time-consuming and a major headache for many project teams. Vitalyst understands this challenge and provides a solution to alleviate the uncertainty around this task.

The deployment architect is a specialized role that requires a deep understanding of the global employee base with respect to how they communicate and collaborate. For example, if you move executives without their admins in the same deployment schedule, simple day-to-day tasks such as setting up a meeting can’t be conducted. That’s because the admin won’t be able to access the shared calendar for info on whether their executive is available or not.

What’s the Solution?

Working with the project team, the deployment coordinator

  • Develops group definitions and a scheduling strategy
  • Identifies employee migration constraints and readiness
  • Identifies issues, risks and opportunities to minimize scheduling impact
  • Documents mailbox permissions and delegations before the migration
  • Participates, contributes and collaborates with the Adoption and Change Management team to finalize a communications plan
  • Assists during the pilot phase to test employee communications, as well as help desk and support processes
  • And more

As a result, the business benefits from

  • Seamless deployment of shared mailboxes for consistency with teams, sites/locations or collaboration groups
  • Minimal impact to employees’ experience with the new technology
  • Little disruption to the overall project schedule