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Providing full-service How-To and Technical support for faculty and alumni


When it comes to providing support, universities face a unique problem of scale. Employee needs for support at a typical business are often predictable, as support needs grow with increased staff. However, every year a university adds a significant number of users who need support as students graduate, become alumni and join the workforce. To complicate things further, educational institutions, like our client, often use proprietary applications to manage the business of learning.

Our client needed a customer service focused approach with increased expertise and capacity during busy times and off hours for 17,000 faculty and staff as well as 80,000 alumni. When a new CIO joined the university, their first order of business was to add enhanced support with increased capacity. The new CIO had a positive, 10-year history with Vitalyst services for faculty and staff and contacted us to help find a solution to provide technology support for their growing alumni.



Live How-To Support
Managed Help Desk Support for overflow and after-hours support

To help manage their support desk, our client added Vitalyst to the university’s support line with 24×7 assistance with password resets, account problems, enrollment issues, and even how-to software support. Vitalyst’s Software Coaching services covered their how-to needs for Office 365 and iModules, an alumni support application. Our Managed Help Desk Support service  covered in-bound calls after-hours, on holidays and on weekends, allowing faculty and alumni to get immediate support whenever they required it



  • Over 800 calls a month handled by Vitalyst
  • Average Seconds to Answer-15.65
  • First Call Resolution-90%
  • Customer Satisfaction-9.21/10


“Kind, thoughtful, focused; quick hypothesis followed by effective diagnostic. Keep it rolling!”

“Stephen was very helpful and professional. He solved my problem. Having after hours support is very important when you often work outside of regular business hours. If I would have had to wait until the morning for a technician, I would have lost valuable time.”

“The service I received was excellent. Keep the good work up and thank you.”

“Quick. Clear. Convenient.”


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