Jim Tate

Vice President, Product and Portfolio Development

Jim is an experienced leader with proven demonstrated success in aligning internal and external perspectives to drive the creation of new services and enhancement of existing ones. His ability to bridge these perspectives allows Vitalyst to meet the evolving needs of our clients, and ensures they are receiving the ultimate customer experience through our service offerings.

Key Accomplishment(s):
During his time at Vitalyst, Jim has contributed to key business initiatives, including the introduction and growth of Managed Help Desk Services, Custom Support Services, and development of the Help Me kNow self-service App for Windows. Jim has also contributed to successful integrations of partner services.

Previous employer(s):
Joining Vitalyst in 1998, Jim has served in various Operational roles, including a Productivity Consultant, Team Leader, Technical Integration Manager, and Vice President of Client Solutions.

First job:
Jim took over his older brother’s paper route as a paperboy.

Little-known fact about Jim:
Although Jim spent almost 6 months living in Venezuela, he learned most of his Spanish skills after returning to the United States (most people he met wanted to practice speaking English).

Motto/Business Philosophy:
“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Toughest decision ever made:
Two months prior to his first son being born, Jim decided to start a new job.

Song that best describes Jim Tate:
“When You’re Smiling,” by Louis Armstrong

Jim graduated magna cum laude from Villanova University with degrees in Information Systems and Computer Science.

Interests/Civic Engagement:
Jim has served on the Editorial Board for HDI’s SupportWorld publication and was a member of the HDI Customer Technical Support Advisory Committee. On a personal activity level, Jim enjoys playing ice hockey and bicycle riding. His favorite activity is being a spectator at his children’s music and ballet events.