Government ITGovernment IT is currently undergoing across-the-board technological change. Many agencies have begun or are planning large-scale modernization efforts to replace outdated or obsolete technology. Like your private sector peers, you must address a number of challenges, including a shift in workforce demographics, rapidly advancing technology and frequent software updates, an explosion of data, and more complex security.

You also face issues unique to the public sector, such as a greater knowledge gap stemming from a diverse workforce, shortage of expertise as new technologies are being added to older, outdated and legacy ones, as well as extended procurement cycles and slow approval processes. In the midst of it all, you need to work toward an overall goal—ensuring that your agency and your end-users continue to operate at peak performance.

We understand these challenges, and recognize that overall governance in the modern digital age is more complicated due to the interconnected nature of digital IT. Vitalyst is here to help organizations adapt to the new, more complicated nature of today’s productivity tools. We provide unmatched expertise on the latest technologies, including cloud solutions like Office 365 and Google, which frees up your existing support staff to focus on the software and systems that are unique to your agency.

We offer a range of services designed to close the adoption and productivity gap, including

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