A switch from desktop to cloud-based computing marks the beginning of the digital adoption process in an organization, and its impact on end-users should not be overestimated. Many business leaders overlook the impact, failing to recognize that end-users are a pivotal piece of the technology deployment. Because the success—or failure, in most cases—is based on the adoption of the application, it’s important for business leaders to take
a human-centric approach when introducing new technology.
This feat is easy to achieve, simply by having a change management strategy in place with a focus on the end-user.
Microsoft has partnered with Vitalyst since 2012 as its premier adoption partner, and now offers a comprehensive solution aimed at meeting these challenges for deployment success.

Key Program Components

End-User Migration Service Desk (EUMSD)

As the key differentiator and backbone of the program,
end-users are given 24x7 access to live support via
the Vitalyst EUMSD. The EUMSD is staffed with highly
skilled Office 365 experts, ready to help with all
questions regarding how to use each workload. This
minimizes employee downtime and increases proficient
use of Office 365.

Active 365 Enablement Package

This comprehensive package for customers includes electronic reference guides with step-by-step instructions on how to perform a task within an application, access to over 100,000 videos, and the ability to register for unlimited instructor-led webinars on various workloads—all of which are hosted on a robust self-help platform that serves as the epicenter of the solution.

  • Active365 Communication Plan
  • Active 365 Lockout Webinars
  • Active365 Video Series
  • Active365 Personalization Services
  • Help Me kNow Guides



Master Joint Launch Plan

At the beginning of an engagement, our Engagement Manager will develop and deliver a Master Joint Launch Plan, which outlines the overall project. It serves as a guide to implementation and delivery of all adoption program components, and includes timelines, processes and milestones for project execution success. Resources will be assigned by Vitalyst to provide all deliverables seamlessly and effectively. The Master Joint Launch Plan is lead by our dedicated Microsoft Services Engagement Team.


Benefits to You

Taking a human-centric approach to Office 365 deployments means business leaders can:

  1. Effectively address the pace of technological changes
  2. Realize a bigger return on the technology investment
  3. Provide global support capabilities
  4. Save time for your help desk staff so they can focus on mission critical tasks
  5. Deploy mutliple technologies faster
  6. Increase adoption by offering individualized and blended solutions to learning—one that caters to
    a multigenerational, mobile workforce
  7. Get users to a basic level of adoption, then focus on enabling users to become proficient for maximized use of Office 365 the way it was intended
  8. Available to provide services in the U.S., Canada and Mexico