Fostering a Global Network with Efficient, Accessible End-User Support Services


TRC Companies, Inc., a fast-growing, multinational engineering consulting and construction management firm, embarked on a venture to increase the efficiency and accessibility of its internal service desk. With more than 5,000 employees dispersed throughout 150 offices across the globe, the initiative to provide comprehensive service was no small feat.

TRC first considered the challenges brought about by its office-to-service-desk-staff ratio. “Many of our offices only have five to ten people in them, which was challenging from a support standpoint because we can’t have service desk staff in every office,” explained David Paul, practice manager, IT ServiceDesk. “It’s even an issue in our big offices – we have service desk staff based there, but they may rotate offices to provide service to another location, at times leaving certain offices without in-person support.”

The firm also needed to account for its large number of field workers – employees who spend their work days on-site for projects, only able to access their systems after hours to complete online tasks. “Staffing enough internal people to support those calls would be very cost-prohibitive, so working with a partner that could help us facilitate a 24-hour call center was critical,” said Paul.

The company tapped Vitalyst for assistance, working with them to expand the functionality of its existing Managed Help Desk Services platform. The service was adapted to support TRC’s use of BitLocker, which eliminated the need for employees to manually submit a service request and then wait for assistance if access to their computer was compromised. In addition to providing assistance for lost passwords or stolen laptops, the improved service desk and help line offered a necessary solution for employees in other time zones, or with irregular work hours, to have access to 24-hour assistance for any standard technical issue.

Why Vitalyst?

TRC’s work with Vitalyst spans nearly a decade, with the company originally utilizing its 24×7 how-to support—providing employees with access to support for questions regarding how to use Microsoft technology—and later, adding the Help Me kNow Hub, a self-service learning portal where TRC employees have access to tips, videos and guided skill tracks on how to leverage key applications. TRC also integrated Managed Help Desk Service capabilities.

“The partnership that they’ve built with us is really the biggest perk,” said Paul. “They have a very close relationship with us. When they see things that are outside the norm, they immediately contact us to get our input or let us know about it in case it’s an issue. They ask how they should handle certain situations and they’re very flexible in coming up with solutions for the issues or situations where support is necessary.”

David Paul, practice manager, IT ServiceDesk

As a result of its partnership with Vitalyst, TRC employees from across the globe know to call into its 24×7 help line at the first sign of an issue. “They’re very happy with the support they get,” said Paul. “Expertise in Microsoft systems is an area of complexity for any company – it’s something that would be extremely cost prohibitive to try and build internally. Even though we’ve been with Vitalyst for years, we consistently receive positive feedback from our employees on how helpful and responsive their people are.”

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Fostering a Global Network with Efficient, Accessible End-User Support Services

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