Digital transformation in financial services

The technological revolution in banking starts with upskilling the workforce

Banks and other financial services institutions are using technology to lead the way through the COVID-19 crisis as they assist customers with remote banking, facilitate governmental loan programs, and advise businesses struggling with budgets and huge shifts in demand. Financial organizations need comprehensive need comprehensive solutions to help them continue to serve their customers and while enhancing and improving their employees’ experiences.

Vitalyst’s services, backed by nearly 20 years of research and our experience delivering in GCC, GCC High and DOD Cloud environments, are designed to assist financial services organizations boost productivity and succeed during flexible work by:  

In alignment with our clients’ objectiveto better enable their employees and support modernization, Vitalyst has developed these specializations:   

Employee Learning and skilling

Unlimited access to enterprise-class training services.
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Change Enablement

Change Enablement

At Vitalyst, we take a human-centric approach to managing technology change.
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Lifecycle adoption solutions for Microsoft 365

Combine best in class productivity tools with powerful cloud services.
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Employee Experience, teamwork, collaboration projects

Improve workforce management through data analytics.
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Dynamics 365

CRM adoption solutions

Help your organization unify data, get predictive insights, and accelerate your business.
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About Vitalyst

As a long-time Microsoft Solutions Partner and four-time Microsoft Partner Award winner, Vitalyst has a 30-year history of supporting a set of diverse banking, insuranceand capital market customers with various government affiliations. We maintain an ISO 27001 certification and our services are available for GCC, GCC High and DOD Clouds environments. Our learning and development solutions, backed by extensive end user data, help financial services entities and their employees fully leverage their technology toolset, giving them valuable time back to business-critical objectives. 

To learn more about each of our services, click on the resources below:

Learn the right tools

Take the fear out of employee learning with the right tool

When it comes to the workplace, employees are hesitant to use new technology, as they fear their inexperience will make them appear incompetent.

Seamless, Fully Integrated IT Support for Global Financial Services Company

Our client is a global financial planning company of more than 15,000 people that helps businesses, institutional investors, and individuals meet financial goals.

A study on Organizational Resilience from Microsoft Partner Vitalyst

2020 will forever be remembered as a year full of challenges and obstacles for enterprises in every industry. 

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