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Encouraging a Culture of Proactive Learning with Digital Transformation


This past year, Terracon was looking for a solution to bolster its IT service portal. As a consulting engineering firm providing environmental, facilities, geotechnical, and materials services from more than 140 offices nationwide, the company was focused on providing a more comprehensive knowledge source for its network of 5,000 users.

“In order to make our new and improved service portal watertight, we knew we needed valid knowledge-based articles that people could use,” explained Rob Porter, Help Desk Supervisor. “We sought a partner who could offer a solution that had everything we were looking for to provide answers to all users’ questions and help my team better balance its day-to-day workload.”

The company turned to Vitalyst’s Help Me kNow Hub and Software Coaching/Live How-To Support to extend the services of its internal IT service portal, for a self-help resource providing tips, webinars, videos, guided learning courses and integration/access points to a live phone support system. Terracon worked with Vitalyst to integrate the Help Me kNow Hub’s functionality into the company’s internal ServiceNow Knowledge Base, launched at the tail end of 2018, to provide easy access for employees.

To help drive proactive versus reactive learning for Terracon’s employees, Vitalyst integrated the Help Me kNow Hub into Terracon’s ServiceNow Knowledge Base, then later implemented a “Single-Sign-On” feature, enabling employees to link directly from an intranet to their personal learning portal without having to login multiple times, with the intent of building self-guided proficiency with their end-user base.


Why Vitalyst?

Terracon began its partnership with Vitalyst in 2015, utilizing its Software Coaching to direct and assist with phone calls about the Microsoft Office Suite.

“We’re a service desk that fields the first line of questions for problem resolution for our company – some of the questions that come in are about Microsoft Office, Excel or PowerPoint. We’re not all experts in that – and Vitalyst helps with those calls, and helps balance our call volume in general,” said Porter.

Throughout the integration of the Help Me kNow Hub and Software Coaching/Live How-To Support, the company praised the easy installation process and seamless communication. “The representatives at Vitalyst are incredibly knowledgeable – they gave us clear concise instructions on plugging the product into our system,” added Porter.

In the tenure of its partnership with Vitalyst, Terracon has significantly improved customer satisfaction rates. “We have great reviews from customers about how good the service is,” explained Porter. “If something isn’t working, our customers will let us know, so when things are quiet, that tells me things are good.”


Results Since 2015 launch


91% First Call Resolution Rate

94% 24-Hour Resolution rate

9.34 (out of 10) Caller Satisfaction Rating

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Encouraging a Culture of Proactive Learning with Digital Transformation

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