Paul Rigby

Chief Experience Officer

Paul is an experienced business leader with vast experience in IT service management and delivery. His track record is based upon strong leadership, team building and client relationship skills combined with success in challenging situations that has driven service excellence, profitably and growth.

Key accomplishments: Paul has a proven record in account and company turnaround situations that require dexterous handling from both a strategic and operational perspective. While at CSC, he managed and led a number of the company’s strategic global accounts in multiple industries.

Previous employers: Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), UK National Health Service

First job: Paul has had colorful pre-career work experience—he has delivered milk and eggs, and worked as a gardener, gravedigger, barman, industrial cleaner, ice cream salesman, waiter and shoe sales assistant. But his favorite was working in a camping site in the South of France as a DJ.

Little-known fact about Paul: He once saved a drowning man.

Motto/business philosophy: “Never, ever ever ever ever give up” –Winston Churchill

Toughest decision ever made: It’s a recurring issue, when he is asked “How do you want your eggs?”

Song that best describes Paul: “I Fought the Law (and the Law Won)” by The Clash

Education: Leicester University (UK), B.A., honours; Institute of Personnel Management (UK), MIPD; Cornell University, certification in executive leadership

Interests/civic engagement: Outdoor activities include running, tennis, fishing and boating, while indoor interests include movies, concerts, theatre and avoiding household chores. Paul has a longstanding relationship with Junior Achievement, JDRF and charities associated with children’s cancer.