Keith Carvalho


As the Vice President of Alliances, Keith manages Vitalyst’s Alliances Team, which is responsible for building impactful partnerships and programs to drive value for customers in the cloud, digital transformation and technology adoption spaces. He and his team currently manage strategic relationships with Adobe and Microsoft, amongst others. Prior to his current role, Keith served in a variety of sales and sales management positions at Vitalyst. He takes pride in his professional growth, crediting much of his success to his talented colleagues and mentors, who have guided him during his tenure at the company.

Key accomplishments: In 2013, Keith co-founded the Philadelphia Chapter of American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). More recently, he led the transformation of the Vitalyst training delivery team, working with colleagues to propel it to one of the top-ranking training providers for Microsoft products. Keith’s team has been recognized by Microsoft and its partners as a top global provider of Digital Adoption Solutions.

Previous employer: Foxtons N.A.

First job: At age 14, Keith washed dishes at a country club, where he quickly earned the nickname “greased lightening”.

Little-known facts about Keith: His favorite vacation spot is Fort Lauderdale, FL. He will try any food once, with the exception of beef stroganoff.

Motto/business philosophy:When everything is urgent, nothing is urgent. When the urgency outweighs the process in business, you need to take a deep breath and fully consider the best action before making a decision. Never simply react.” –attributed to a mentor of his with the initials J.G.

Toughest decision ever made: To remain in Philadelphia after graduating college. Keith grew up in Rhode Island, and remains close with his family and friends. He originally thought Philadelphia would be a temporary stop on his career development journey, but the city’s culture, atmosphere and job market convinced him to settle here. He does travel to RI once a month to visit with his parents, brother, niece and nephew.

Song that best describes Keith: “Sure Shot” by The Beastie Boys

Education: Temple University, B.S. in psychology; real estate accreditation in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island