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  • Vitalyst Teams App SharePoint Setup Steps
  • Vitalyst Teams Chat Setup

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  • Must have a SharePoint App Catalog (Or ability to create one)
  • Must be an Owner or equivalent permissions to add apps to the catalog
  • Must have a Team site created to host the tabs

Using the App Catalog

1. Navigate to the SharePoint Admin portal and select “Classic Features”
2. Select “Open” under Apps
3. Select “App Catalog”
4. If there is no App Catalog, select “Ok” to create one now
5. Select “Apps for SharePoint”
6. Select “Upload” and browse to the “jquery-webparts.spkkg” file

Configure the Webinars Page:

1. Go to the settings icon
2. Select site contents
3. Scroll down and click on Site Pages
4. Open up Vitalyst-Webinars, if this isn’t available select “Show All” 
5. Click to edit the page
6. Click the Plus sign to add a new web
7. Select VitalystWebinar Scheduler  
8. Click the pencil to edit the webpart settings 
9. Configure the webpart with the following settings:
  1. JSON URL:   
  2. API Key:   
  3. Web Part Title:   VitalystAdaptive Learning Open Seating Webinars 
  4. Web Part Subtitle:   These live webinars are open to all employees, providing focused training on key topics for each Microsoft service. Frequently scheduled to provide convenient access, these sessions are led by Microsoft-certified trainers, allowing you to get the focused training that you need, at a time that works best for you.
  5. Join Button Text:   Register Now  

Adding chat support to Teams

1. In Teams select “Apps” in the bottom left corner

2. Click “Upload a Custom App”

3. Select the zip file provided to you

4. Select the “Vitalyst Chat Support” App and click Add

5. This makes the Vitalyst Chat Support app available to users in their organization. This can then be pushed to the indended end users from the Microsoft Teams Admin Center

6. Navigate to

7. Select “Teams Apps” and then “Setup Policies”

8. Vitlalyst recommends using the global policy to deploy the app. If this isn’t possible the policy will need to be applied to users individually with a new App Policy. If creating a new policy, Click “Add” to create a new Setup Policy

9. Give the policy a name and click “Add Apps” under the Pinned apps section

10. Search for the Vitalyst Chat Support app and click Add.

11. Navigate to the Users section to apply this to individual users

12. With the users selected click “Edit Settings” and apply the newly created app policy