Digital Adoption Solution for Dynamics 365

Get the Most out of Your Dynamics 365 Investment

With Dynamics 365, an end-to-end adoption strategy becomes more essential because:  

It requires a customized and complex implementation 
It’s an application folded into key business processes 
Its use varies depending on the line of business user 

That’s why our Digital Adoption Solution for Dynamics ensures we guide customers through the entire end-user enablement process with a personalized approach—from change enablement to the development of custom learning curriculum and delivery plan to end-user empowerment. 

Digital Adoption Solution for Dynamics 365

Change Enablement Services

Vitalyst will work collaboratively with you to identify organizational and technical “blockers”. Together with your team, Vitalyst will develop a change enablement strategy tailored to your organization and plan to execute and drive end-user enablement.

Learning & Adoption Services

An instructional designer works with your technical team to understand the unique business processes and workflows of each deployment. From there, we deliver personalized learning services using tailored content in multiple formats, including live and virtual instructor-led training, e-learning, self-help and more to enable end-users to effectively learn and use the system.

Continuous Learning

Get insight into the latest updates for Dynamics 365, complete with webinars and lessons to keep your users up to date with all new enhancements.

Leveraging our PROPEL Methodology, underpinned by Prosci’s ADKAR model, our services are combined into custom solutions tailored to invoke change, empower employees, maximize productivity and drive usage of Teams.

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