Digital Adoption Solution for Microsoft 365

Get the most out of your MICROSOFT 365 investment

Microsoft 365 enables organizations to transform and become mobile-first, providing the security, collaboration and productivity tools needed to stay ahead of their competition. To successfully transform requires a sound strategy to manage impact of technology change, while enabling employees to quickly adapt, adopt and become more productive.  

This is often where most organizations run into challenges. Employees revert back to what they’re used to—leaving them ill-equipped to take advantage of the new tools to collaborate and innovate. In addition, organizations often struggle keeping pace and managing the continuous updates being provided via Microsoft’s Office 365 roadmap. 

As Microsoft’s top Adoption and Change Enablement partner, Vitalyst can help you realize the value of your investment.

Digital Adoption Solution for Microsoft 365

Our Digital Adoption Solution for Microsoft 365 is built around the Vitalyst Propel Methodology™, which is dedicated to cultivating employee proficiency and improving organizational mastery. By working with clients to understand their workflows, plan out deployment and develop tailored, dedicated customer support and training programs, Vitalyst ensures that Microsoft 365 changes the way your business works, and realizes maximum value from your investment. 

Change Enablement Services

A change enablement framework to enable business leaders to digitally transform their organization.

Learning & Adoption Services

We offer comprehensive, educational service options tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs and multi-generational workforce demands.

Continuous Learning

With over 500 updates last year alone, your users need to be up to date with the newest features and empowered to use them. Keep your workforce on the cutting edge with live webinars and guided video lessons on the most important updates.

Leveraging our PROPEL Methodology, underpinned by Prosci’s ADKAR model, our services are combined into custom solutions tailored to invoke change, empower employees, maximize productivity and drive usage of Teams.

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