History of Vitalyst

Enterprise technology was entirely different when Vitalyst opened its doors in 1992. Email was new, floppy disks were the standard, and turnaround times for tasks were usually expressed in business days, not hours. The idea that expert support for technology was necessary for employees to stay productive was just that—an idea that hadn’t yet caught on. Plus, the companies developing this technology were increasingly looking to stop providing free support because of the growing financial liability it created.

These market forces inspired the founder of Vitalyst to hire three consultants and establish this company, then known as PC Helps.

In the 25 years since opening its doors, the company has achieved success by

  • Staying true to its initial core value proposition—driving employee proficiency and enterprise-wide productivity through unmatched application expertise and customer service
  • Continuing to stay ahead of industry trends
  • Broadening product offerings to complement core skills
  • Transforming into a global provider of learning solutions driving digital adoption and proficiency by transforming employees’ technology experience

In 2014, the company changed its name—from PC Helps to Vitalyst—to reflect this new direction. Today, the company employs hundreds and helps organizations digitally transform the workplace for optimal efficiency, productivity and business growth.