Mr. Becker’s hypothesis was that these market forces created a potentially enormous opportunity to establish a business providing efficient, expert support for a full range of the most common software applications.

Vitalyst undertook an orderly expansion in its early years, devoting substantial resources towards improving the operational performance of the Company as well as landing key Fortune 500 companies as clients. By 1996, the Founder completed an early goal of creating a profitable and scalable organization that has since delivered 20% compounded annual revenue and earnings growth.

From the outset, the Company emphasized the methodical capture of each software problem resolution provided to a client, as well as each corporate activity, into an information system that could store best practices and key analytical information about the business and make that knowledge available throughout the enterprise to enhance company-wide performance. Today, the Company abides by this same founding philosophy, which has expanded to apply to every element of the business.

Here and now, the Company continues to exhibit steady growth and is firmly established as a leading competitor in its market. With its highly trained team of employees, exceptional degree of recorded and shared knowledge, effective sales effort, and strong reputation in the marketplace, it is well positioned to accelerate its growth over the coming years.