Change Enablement

Planning and Execution to Accelerate Transformation

Why Do Organizations Need Change Enablement Services?

How do you get employees from the current state through the transition state and to the desired future state? We start by helping individuals understand the business reasons for the change, how the change impacts them, and the personal value proposition that the change is offering. 

Our proprietary methodology, called PROPEL, lies at the heart of Vitalyst’s digital adoption solution. Based on the Prosci ADKAR model, PROPEL provides customized adoption and learning programs to set up customers for long-term success. 

How does Vitalyst create effective change?

To successfully create change, it takes more than just planning–it requires coordinated change execution. At Vitalyst, we help customers drive change, using our PROPEL Methodology to deliver an end-to-end solution–from consulting and planning to execution and delivery of change enablement and adoption services.

Our consultants work with each customer to develop actionable change enablement plans including:

> Sponsorship
> Change Champions Network
> Training
> Communications
> Coaching
> Resistance Management
> Adoption Measurement
> Rewards & Recognition

Then, partner with them to execute against those plans, supporting people through the change(s) and empowering them to adapt, accelerating adoption of new technology and workflows, while avoiding disruption of business.

A Human-Centric Approach to Change

Communicate benefits and why the change is happening to increase AWARENESS.
Build DESIRE via change champions and emphasizing “What is in it for me?”
Enhance KNOWLEDGE of key capabilities through change champions and use case scenarios
Increase ABILITY with training and learning resources
REINFORCE change to increase user adoption
Leveraging our PROPEL Methodology, underpinned by Prosci’s ADKAR model, our services are combined into custom solutions tailored to invoke change, empower employees, maximize productivity and drive usage of Teams.

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