Create a culture that embraces change

Our Change Enablement services are combined into custom solutions tailored to jumpstart your digital transformation journey. When paired with our , our Change Enablement services fuel powerful progress and create lasting technology changes.

Our services are backed by our Propel Methodology™ 

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Work with clients to assess their baseline technology usage and the proficiency of their end-users

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Design skilling and learning plans based on our assessment of a client's technology consumption and utilization

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Implement a tailored training solution engineered to accelerate end-user adoption of technology workloads

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Achieve organization wide transformation and maximize ROI through continuous learning services

Discovery & Assessment

Discovery and Assessment services are customized to your organization’s unique needs. By leveraging a Change Enablement workshop or other applicable assessments and trainings, you can identify potential blockers and key success factors to ensure your helping your end-users embrace and maximize new technologies.


Vitalyst’s Planning services generate awareness and excitement, ensure a smooth deployment, a successful adoption, and seamless management of new tech investments. Services include a Communications Strategy and Plan, an End User Support Training Plan, Customized Learning Content, and Governance Planning.

Readiness and Success Management

Minimize disruptions for end users and provide support for your IT staff with Vitalyst’s Readiness and Success Management services. From product deployment and configuration to training for IT and Business professionals to migration scheduling and reporting and analytics, Vitalyst services will help optimize the experience of a technology change for IT and end users alike.  

Digital Transformation is Human Transformation

The ‘new normal’ of remote work has accelerated digital transformation, shaping how, when and where employees work. Assessing skills gaps, adopting new technologies, adapting learning to the flow of work, and creating a culture that embraces changes are the keys to thriving while working in the office, at home, or both. Our services are guided by our PROPEL methodology, our proven approach that drives digital skilling, innovation, and growth by moving end users through the five stages of Prosci’s ADKAR model.

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