For the service desk at Glazer’s, the annual enrollment period meant one thing—a flood of calls regarding password reset requests would come surging in. There were a number of reasons for the uptick in calls, but it was mainly because for many employees—like truck drivers who do not work in a traditional office setting—annual enrollment was the only time of year they were required to log in. Many employees missed the annual enrollment deadline because they couldn’t log in or get through to the service desk for support.

To keep service levels stable throughout the annual enrollment period, Glazer’s needed to find a service provider that could quickly and easily scale to handle the projected 300 percent increase in calls, and one that could also provide 24/7 support in Spanish for the company’s Spanish-speaking employees. In October 2013, Glazer’s partnered with Vitalyst for a 90-day pilot program as it geared up for its benefits annual enrollment period. During this time the company’s 6,000 employees were required to sign in to a new self-service human resources portal to update their existing plans or to sign up for new benefits.


To help manage the increase in call volume, Glazer’s added Vitalyst to the company’s automated call distribution system (ACD) menu to provide expert, 24/7 assistance with password resets and enrollment issues. Vitalyst’s service also covered in-bound calls after-hours, on holidays and on weekends.

“The support was excellent.  My network password expired over the weekend and I could not access our VPN to process orders.  I called for support and my password was reset in no time at all.  I am extremely grateful that Glazer’s has this service in place to assist employees after normal business hours.”


Lisa Pierce,  Accounting Analyst
Glazer’s Distributors


  • Estimated time/cost savings: Glazer’s employees estimated that Vitalyst on-demand advisors saved them an average of 2.7 hours per support request, with an approximate labor savings of $88.38 per call.
  • Abandonment Rate: 0.79%
  • First-Call Resolution Rate: 100%
  • Average Speed of Response: 10.3 seconds
  • Quality of Service Satisfaction: 97%

Following the 90-day annual enrollment period, Glazer’s recognized that they needed Managed Help Desk support, especially as it related to password resets. Because Vitalyst relieved the pressures of the support desk members, they were able to focus on critical technical issues, infrastructure and the network. As a result, Glazer’s, in 2014 and 2015, signed one-year agreements to handle their Managed Help Desk/password reset calls.

In the Numbers
  • Abandonment Rate


    Average rate of employees who disconnected before support could be provided.

  • First-Call Resolution


    Average rate that employees had their issues resolved on the first call.

  • Average Speed of Response


    Average response time (seconds) of calls that were answered.