Ray's Problem

Corporate just sent me the PowerPoint template they want me to use for my department’s Quarterly Business Review (QBR). It's due in five days, and I need help.

Solution Timeline
  • 1:35PM Problem

    Ray attempts to populate the template but gets hung up.

  • 1:36PM Made the Call

    Ray calls his support desk and is connected to a Vitalyst Productivity Consultant.

  • 1:56PM The Solution

    Within 20 minutes, Ray knows exactly how to complete the template. After the call he receives a video recap of the steps, which he then shares with his colleagues.

Vitalyst quickly got Ray back to what he does best — selling

The template sent by corporate was in PowerPoint with embedded Excel worksheets and charts. It was set up in Office 2010, while Ray was still using Office 2003. He is proficient with PowerPoint and Excel, but finds himself wasting a good deal of time trying to figure out how to populate the template correctly. Many of his sales colleagues are having similar challenges. Vitalyst allowed Ray to complete the template, deliver his QBR, and get back to the business of selling. Plus he helped out his co-workers in the process.

The Result

The time I was spending with that template was killing my productivity. I had three deals I was negotiating, team coaching sessions all day, and my son’s football award ceremony to get to. Vitalyst saved the day for me.