Lisa's Problem

My computer was just upgraded from Office 2003 to 2010 and I’m having trouble with some of the new features in Outlook email and calendaring.

Solution Timeline
  • 9:30AM Problem

    New version of Outlook is affecting Lisa’s productivity.

  • 9:35AM Made the Call

    Calls her corporate help desk and is connected to a Vitalyst Productivity Consultant.

  • 10:05AM Solution

    Consultant walks Lisa through using the new interface to complete her tasks and sends a follow-up email with a video recap she can share with her coworkers.

Vitalyst gets Lisa back on track after an Outlook upgrade

Lisa’s company engaged Vitalyst several years ago to provide expert-level Microsoft Office support for the company’s employees. Because Vitalyst is integrated directly into the internal help desk phone line, Lisa was able to simply call that line and get routed directly to a Vitalyst Productivity Consultant. She had a list of Outlook tasks she was struggling with in the new version -- accessing her boss’ calendar, setting meeting requests, creating distribution lists, and organizing inboxes with subfolders and rules. The consultant walked her through each task on her list and then sent her a follow-up email with a video recap she can reference later.

The Result

When you support a busy executive, you can’t miss a beat. I was having a hard time with things in Outlook that I used to do without even thinking, and it would have taken me weeks to get back up to speed. In less than an hour, Vitalyst had me back on track.