Chris's Problem

I travel a lot with my job, and recently switched to a tablet in place of the heavy PC I was always carrying. But then I ran into issues getting things done on the tablet.

Solution Timeline
  • 1:00pm Problem

    Chris is on the road heading to a meeting and needs help editing documents on his tablet.

  • 1:03pm Made the Call

    Calls his support desk and is connected to a Vitalyst Productivity Consultant.

  • 1:32pm Solution

    Consultant helps him to quickly edit the documents, explains how to print handouts, and fixes his macro.

Vitalyst gets Chris ready for his meeting, documents in hand

Chris was on his way to a meeting and needed to modify some documents, including a complex Excel file with a broken macro, on his tablet. Plus, he was relatively new to working on a tablet. The Vitalyst consultant fixed his macro and helped him get his documents ready for the meeting.

The Result

The Vitalyst consultant was just the thing I needed at a critical time.