Carla's Problem

It’s the end of the quarter – always busy for finance – and my boss just asked for a new monthly Excel report detailing each department’s expenses. I know I can build the report, but I just don’t have the time for trial and error.

Solution Timeline
  • 4:45PM The Problem

    Carla’s time is at a premium. She needs help.

  • 4:46PM Made the Call

    She calls Vitalyst and reaches a Productivity Consultant immediately.

  • 5:30PM The Solution

    The Productivity Consultant gathers specs for the report and a few lines of sample data. In less than an hour, he sends back an Excel file template with the necessary macros, formatting and formulas.

Vitalyst helped Carla to meet her deadlines

As a finance person, Carla is very well-versed in Excel. But she had just been upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010 with its new features in Excel, and she was in the midst of quarter-close deadlines. Her corporate finance group uses Vitalyst as a resource when they need expert help with Excel. Carla was able to tap into that resource to meet her deadlines for the quarter-close and the new report her boss had requested.

The Result

My boss was happy and so was I. Vitalyst saved me at least 6 hours by building and testing the Excel template for me, not to mention alleviating the time pressure I was under with these competing deadlines.