The smartest technology in the world doesn’t make a difference if the people behind the system don’t know about it, don’t use it, and don’t care about it.

It’s not only critical to take a human focus—understanding why, how, and when to best help employees—it’s transformative.

The Vitalyst PROPEL Methodology™ is our proprietary methodology dedicated to empowering your workforce. Using a proven, 4-step process, we power your digital transformation by cultivating proficiency with software applications and improving organizational mastery of technology to propel innovation and growth.

The Four Iterative Stages of the Methodology

Work with clients to assess the baseline

Key activities tied to assessing the baseline of the organization include actions such as:

  • Preparing for and managing change by understanding barriers to success
  • Identifying learning styles and personas
  • Mapping out key organizational milestones to reach goals and objectives
  • Stirring up excitement about the coming change

Use data found during discovery and design learning based on it

To formulate a tailored learning curriculum, key activities to consider include:

  • Designing a custom immersive learning program
  • Establishing learning objectives, goals, timeframes and deadlines.
  • Mobilizing your resources for delivery

Apply a hybrid training solution and see adoption soar

For maximized adoption, businesses need to apply the training and ensure they are:​

  • Rolling out the change and creating knowledge-able people
  • Putting all necessary interventions for change in place
  • Providing support and training resources

Achieve organizational transformation and ROI

When businesses are able to move employees through the adoption and proficiency skill path, they are laying the foundation for digital growth and enablement by:

  • Creating smarter learners who know how to make tech work specific to their roles 
  • Invoking behavior change and a shift in cultural mindset 
  • Staying aligned with goals, best practices and KPIs

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