Why are Employees Not Leveraging Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the most powerful, fully featured operating system Microsoft has ever created. It is designed to enhance productivity and employee efficiency like never before. However, some of these new features are unfamiliar to those who have used previous versions of Windows.

Therefore, employees are missing out on features like:

  • Easily adding time and location-based reminders to organize and simplify their day using Cortana
  • Powerful organization using the new Start Menu, giving employees the ability to customize it by pinning common applications, and live tiles for an instant look at emails and more
  • Robust search filters to find files quickly and share them with colleagues
  • Helpful web notes in Microsoft Edge and easy sharing to applications like OneNote, helping to avoid duplicative tasks
  • Efficient project management and collaboration using seamlessly integrated cloud storage and sharing with OneDrive
  • Safe and fast login with Windows Hello, offering new, quicker, and secure ways to login as an alternative to complicated passwords

Components of our Windows 10 Solution

Communications package

Communications package to ensure end-user readiness and eliminate adoption blockers 

End-user Support

End-user support for 24x7 live how-to assistance


Training designed to accelerate and maximize effective use of Windows 10

Call-out Program

Call-out program for proactive approach to ensuring Skype for Business is being adopted and utilized

Electronic reference guides

Electronic reference guides provide easy access to using top features within Skype for Business