Why is Adopting Skype for Business Difficult?

Despite the intended win/win for users and businesses, common challenges keep decision makers from ever realizing the full value of Skype.

Therefore, when employees:

  • Fail to leverage Skype for conference calls and web meetings, it increases travel and telephone costs
  • Don’t know how to initiate meetings and instant messaging from within Outlook and other applications, it leads to lost time and efficiency
  • Can’t answer calls, or they experience poor sound quality because they haven’t configured Skype properly on their devices, it leads to frustration.
  • Fail to take advantage of Skype features, such as sharing their screen, it leads to missed opportunities for real-time collaboration
  • Don’t know how to configure privacy settings, such as blocking incoming instant messages while in presenter mode, it leads to lack of desire to initiate and join Skype meetings

Components of our Skype for Business Solution

Communications package

Communications package to ensure end-user readiness and eliminate adoption blockers 

End-user Support

End-user support for 24x7 live how-to assistance


Training designed to accelerate and maximize effective use of Skype for Business

Skype-out Program

Skype-out program for proactive approach to ensuring Skype for Business is being adopted and utilized

Electronic reference guides

Electronic reference guides provide easy access to using top features within Skype for Business