Most business leaders understand the many benefits their company receives when investing in cloud storage technologies. After all, cloud storage, such as OneDrive, provides employees with the ability to access files and collaborate from anywhere and on any approved device. 

Cloud storage services are also built to scale in more cost-effective ways than traditional storage technologies, such as network storage. And, business leaders who provide cloud storage as a managed service often take advantage of Data Loss Prevention services to help flag potential risks of data leaks.

But, despite all this, there are numerous reasons leading to a low return on the technology investment. It all comes back to little or no focus on the end-user who is ultimately left to use the technology. It’s important to recognize their challenges and perspectives, especially when it comes to change. Most users are resistant or do not want change, but if you provide the benefits and communicate the need and value of the technology, users will adopt.

Components of our Cloud Storage Solution

Training package designed to accelerate and maximize the effective use of OneDrive
Electronic reference guides for a self-help option to increase proficiency

image-250x250-hmkgHelp Me kNow self-help guides are electronic reference guides with step-by-step instructions on how to perform a particular task within an application

Communications package to ensure end-user readiness and eliminate adoption blockers

Vitalyst offers a comprehensive, customized communications package to drive awareness and action.

End-user support for communications and file remediation services
  • Software coaching - Immediate 24x7 how-to support from our experts
  • Call out Program - Outreach program where on-demand advisors conduct outbound calls to maximize adoption
  • File remediation services to fix broken links