Active 365 Managed Services for Continuous Learning

For business leaders, the journey to the cloud and digitally transforming companies has made its way into the “long-term investment” bucket.* But, investments don’t necessarily guarantee innovation or transformation success.

That’s because of technology adoption disruptors associated with the rapid pace of updates being released. These disruptors include:

  • Monitoring the hundreds of updates/changes via Microsoft 365 roadmap
  • Determining which of the hundred of updates/changes are critical to end-users
  • Managing ongoing adoption of technology stemming from these updates
  • Dealing with digital disruption these updates pose
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Anticipating talent growth/upskilling incumbent employee base

So, how are business leaders expected to keep up with the constant change? And who will be responsible for ensuring which updates are most impactful for your business users?

Download the PDF to learn more about our service offerings.

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* “Focus on Change Management”—and Unlocking Success in Digital Transformations, McKinsey & Company, October 2018
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