Healthcare case study

Accelerating User Adoption and Enablement at a Large North American Healthcare Provider

Providing a full-service solution to improve patient care



With continuing advancement of technology-enabled health, learning, and research for new models of care, patient needs and expectations are evolving for healthcare providers. New technologies are accelerating the use of advanced data analytics to enhance real-time clinical decision making. Information technology experts are working with clinical teams to improve communication technologies to offer a more effective way to monitor patient care. These capabilities enable more convenient and better procedures, such as remote triaging and more efficient patient admissions, all of which can improve care and save lives.

To meet these new expectations, our client wanted to modernize their technology environment to enhance internal capabilities and increase productivity. Deploying Microsoft 365 was an obvious solution to this challenge. This required the migration of 240,000 accounts from Lotus Notes to Office 365, enabling 120,000 users+ on Skype for Business, all while successfully managing the dramatic organizational change.




Vitalyst worked hand in hand with Microsoft and provided our client with a full-service Digital Adoption Solution. This included custom educational materials integrated with onsite and virtual training classes so employees could access learning on their time at a place convenient for them. To complement their education, Vitalyst provided Just-in-Time, on-demand, phone support 24×7 so staff could reach our Productivity Consultants for answers to their technology how-to questions. Employees were also given access to the Help Me kNow Hub, a complete self-help resource to provide a variety of tips and learning materials in multiple formats. Additionally, staff was kept informed, excited, and prepared for any changes with integrated communications, branded to look familiar to users and distributed through multiple channels for maximum visibility, to support adoption and release management.


“We accomplished one of the fastest and largest migrations from Lotus Notes to Exchange Online with 240,000 users/mailboxes …adding in over 22,000 more mailboxes than originally contracted, and still finishing on schedule. A critical factor for the success was the consistent partnership, leadership, flexibility, and guidance, without which we would not have closed this engagement as strong as we did!”


—Microsoft Team


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Accelerating User Adoption and Enablement at a Large North American Healthcare Provider

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