Accelerating Change and Adoption of the Modern Desktop for a Leading Retail and Consumer Goods Brand

In early 2018, one the world’s leading retail and consumer goods brands shifted its focus to improve its digital business and was looking to migrate to using cloud-based tools to support those initiatives. While they had always been at the forefront of retail technology, they had not modernized their core desktop environment. And at the time, their IT team was struggling with an ever-growing list of applications and platforms to manage, and the support demands of a large, multi-generational user base.


Moving to a Modern Desktop with Windows 10 and Office 365
To address these issues and align to a broader company focus, their CIO sponsored an initiative in of the fall of 2018 to digitally transform the organization – a key component of which included an immediate migration to Windows 10 and Office 365. This would serve as the foundation for the company’s transformation strategy, providing a common platform for the organization and reducing their administration and support workload, while still providing the tools needed by users to increase collaboration and address their key use cases. Given the importance of addressing these issues, they turned to Microsoft and their partners for help.

The customer understood that the success of any digital transformation project relies upon one key element – the human transformation experience. Given Vitalyst’s expertise with Change Management and Adoption for Microsoft 365, and its track record of success with customers in the retail industry, they were asked by the customer to consult and provide analysis for the success of the project.

After engaging with the customer’s executive team, Vitalyst’s Regional Sales Manager for NY/NJ EOU, Kevin Fitzgerald, connected with his Microsoft Customer Success Unit counterpart to help develop a cohesive strategy to support their transformation effort. Collaborating on an initial plan, they worked together and obtained success funding to provide initial migration support and technical training for the customer’s IT and Support teams.


Managing Change to Drive Successful Adoption
While Vitalyst’s Professional Services group engaged on the technical design, the Vitalyst and Microsoft teams met with the customer’s L&D and Change Management teams to develop a long-term strategy to enable their migration and employee adoption of the new Modern Desktop solution. The program focused on identifying all potential adoption obstacles and working with all stakeholders to build a cohesive, unified adoption plan.

To ensure that all stakeholders and teams were engaged in developing the solution, Vitalyst hosted a variety of change management workshops. These were executed with both the customer’s executive and technical teams.

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Accelerating Change and Adoption of the Modern Desktop for a Leading Retail and Consumer Goods Brand

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